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Quiq Files is an Enterprise Document Management Software that helps to centralize paper documents & electronic files and access them with one familiar interface from all workstations in your office. Quiq files capture documents in various Platforms like Mail, Local drive, Third party Applications, Scanner, Printer OCR technology etc.

Quiq files support various document Formats like - XL, Word, PDF, CAD Files, emails, Images, third party software documents etc. Quiq Files capture document and store in predefined folders or sub folders for later search. Files should be stores in hierarchical order for each user.

Document Scanning and Digitization

Quiq Files will capture document and store in predefined folders or sub folders for later search. Files should be stores in hierarchical order for each user. Document with in DMS and third party documents. (Word, PDF, Images etc.). Third Party scanners/printers.Sync with various scanners & Printers. Scan multiple/Batch document and store in DMS folders for further processor by adding to the workflow. Create, edit and save MS office documents right within DMS (Document Management Software ). Does not require MS Office installed on your desktop. Start editing documents on your desktop and continue editing them outside your office with a simple web browser using the DMS (Document Management Software ) Web Application. Capture MS word and Excel documents from local system store in DMS folder structure. User able to open and edit documents from web browsers and save back in users DMS folder add to. The DMS Team Bangalore , thrissur Incuded User Experience in the Soft

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Document Security

Extremely flexible user and group based security along with many system level rights. User and Folder based ‘Ownership Overrides’ allow administrators to retain ownership of documents for specified users or folders. Separate export rights prevent unauthorized export of information out of system. Admin should able to assign the user for users on folders and files based on user hierarchy. User will able to access the folders files which are authorized to do. Admin will have high level rights to view the all the files in DMS.

Electronic Document Workflows

Automate and speed up repeatable processes like accounts payable, leave applications, order processing, purchase authorizations, etc. making them more streamlined and error free. Create and track multi-step workflow processes with no coding required. Build workflows using a graphical workflow designer that is both easy and powerful.

Enables documents to be routed to specific users in predefined order for specific tasks to be performed (e.g. invoice approval) Documents can be automatically assigned to a Workflow when indexed or when a new document is created by File Stream. Set up unlimited Workflow Processes. Route documents to individual / multiple or selected users.

Set time limits to tasks and system should alert the users, if time limit reached for specific users. ‘Workflow Manager’ who will be notified when items are overdue allowing appropriate action to be taken

Each document displays the stage reached including the ‘assigned user’ Full Workflow History available to selected users. Workflows with unfinished tasks cannot be deleted.

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Version Control - DMS

Retain unlimited versions of documents and revert back to any older version or promote an older version to current at any time. Versioning also offers security against unauthorized overwrites by employing the ‘New Version’ right while still allowing addition of information to a document by users with restricted rights. System should do automatic versions for the documents edited or created through DMS. System should able to retrieve old versions any and able to reverse to old version as well.

Document Profiling and Tagging - Document Management Software

Assign groups of custom index fields (text, numeric or date) called ‘Document Profiles’ to folders and files allowing you to identify and search for folders and files based on index field values. System should assign various indexing options like Numbering date etc. while creating /editing document through DMS. Later stage user able to search and process the document based on the index provided on the documents.

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Document Status - DMS

Create custom “Document Status” like Draft, Under Revision, Published, Finalized, etc. Change in status can trigger automatic changes to the documents properties – example a published document cannot be revised anymore. System should assign various tags to the documents based on the work flow like Draft, under revision and published etc. This status should be defined based on systems defined states.


Quiq offer Wide range of solutions in DMS and Users can Suggest their own requirments and our developer team in bangalore, thrissur will process on time